Socialist councillors oppose ‘Savage cuts’

Socialist Party Councillors oppose ‘Savage cuts

Alistair Darling, the chancellor and his opposite numbers from the Lib Dems and Tories lined up against each other for a ‘debate’ on the way forward for the economy on Channel 4 the other night. While superficially they traded blows on policies the reality is they are all agreed on one thing; after the election whoever is in government huge cuts to jobs, conditions and public services will be the order of the day. These cuts come as a result of the billions of pounds used to bailout the banks but will it be the rich who are asked to pay this back? No the banks have continued to dish out huge bonuses and it is business as usual. It will be ordinary workers and young people who will pay in lost jobs, wage reductions and service cuts. Lewisham is no different. The council’s official budget report this year states “we will also need to develop an overall to deliver perhaps £50-£60million savings over three years.” The Socialist Party has launched a petition against all cuts to jobs and services in Lewisham which has already gained hundreds of signatures. Socialist Party councillors for Telegraph Hill ward Chris Flood and Ian Page have been the only ones on Lewisham council to consistently vote against cuts and call for Lewisham council to campaign for the money needed to provide decent public services. Ian and Chris and third Socialist Party candidate Jess Leech will be standing in May’s council elections in Telegraph Hill ward to provide a campaigning alternative to the main parties menu of cuts and privatisation.

Promoted by C Heemskerk, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, E1 4JP on behalf of the Socialist Alternative candidates.


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