Cllr Ian Page: A workers’ MP on a workers’ wage!

April 1st 2010

Ian Page: A workers’ MP, on a workers’ wage

After the duck houses, moat clearing and expenses claims for Kit-Kats and cat food now senior politicians have been caught hiring themselves out to lobbyists, using their positions to influence government officials. Obviously not content with an MPs basic salary of £64,766 Stephen Byers’ offered his services for £3000 – £5000 a day as he described himself as ‘like a sort of cab for hire’. At a time when working people are told they’ll need to tighten their belts the politicians in Westminster have been feathering their nests. Contrast this with Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Joe Higgins, who rather than joining the gravy train only takes the average wage of the people he represents and has been described as the ‘best fighter money can’t buy’. In announcing he is to stand as a Socialist Party candidate as part of the newly formed Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) Cllr Ian Page said “People are sick to death of the political class in this country living a privileged and detached lifestyle while the people they are meant to represent are expect to struggle to make ends meet. Someone like Joe Higgins is unfortunately a rare example of a politician standing in the interests of ordinary people not for his own personal gain. Standing in Lewisham Deptford constituency, if elected I would only take the average wage of the people I represent.”

Promoted by C Heemskerk, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, E1 4JP on behalf of Socialist Alternative candidates


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